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The module "COLLECTIVE LABOUR AGREEMENTS IN FORCE ON UNDERTAKING LEVEL" is designed to generate real-time online reports on the number of collective labour agreements (CLA) in force and the employees covered by them at a specific date determined by the user. As the source of the primary information is the database for CLA created by NICA, on the basis of copies of CLA and annexes to them, received by Executive agency „General Labour Inspectorate“ under Article 53, paragraph 5 of the Labor Code, the first date, for which there is information about a CLAs in force is 01.01.2009. Due to the specifics of the CLA and the practice of concluding contracts with a two-year validity period before 31.12.2011, the data on the CLAs in force are incomplete.
The data for the quarterly and annual reports in the online database and the annual reports on the collective bargaining in the country are prepared as of a certain date. After that, the Institute continues to receive information about the CLA, signed and entered into force in a previous period, considering the provision of Art. 53, para (4) of the Labor Code regarding the registration of the CLA within one month of its receipt by the Executive Agency "General Labor Inspectorate”. This is the reason for a possible difference in the online reports regarding the total number of active CLAs and the employees covered by them, including particular indicators.
Due to the specifics in determining the employees, covered by active CLAs and/or Agreements for civil servants in the structures of the public administration, the data on those covered by active CLAs at the quarterly and annual reports in the online database and annual reports on collective bargaining in the country differ as a total number, incl. in economic activity О “Public administration and defense; compulsory social security” (NACE.BG2008 NSI) and the respective considered indicators.

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Collective labour agreement in force on undertaking level

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