Last data update 21 June 2024

The module "COLLECTIVE LABOUR AGREEMENT IN FORCE BY ID CODE OF UNDERTAKING" provides an opportunity to search for a collective labour agreement (CLA) in force at a certain date using the ID Code (Unique Identification Code) of an undertaking. The module is designed for searching for agreements at the undertaking level, incl. public administration. The reference for the existence of a CLA in force is made by entering a 9 or 13 numeral ID Code in the field "ID Code" and selecting a specific date on which the information is sought. The data is visualized by the "SUBMIT" button. For some undertakings, most often in the public sector, incl. nurseries, kindergartens, social services, municipal undertaking, special production, etc., their ID Code is not available for NICA, so some of them are entered in the database of NICA with the ID Code of the municipality on which territory they are located. Upon introduction of the ID Code of an undertaking for which there is no data for a CLA in force, a secondary opportunity is provided for searching by ID Code of a municipality by choosing from a drop-down list.

Complete Guide for users is available only in Bulgarian.

Collective labour agreement in force by ID Code of undertaking

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